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The future of social media at Goucher

Gopherdon is an unofficial decentralized instance of Mastodon dedicated to the Goucher community that aims to provide a better, community-driven experience that is student-led, student-run.

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Imagine a future where the Goucher community works with each other to foster relationships through a social network that focuses on the community rather than your data.

Imagine a social network that respects your privacy and your data rather than selling it to other advertisers.

Imagine connecting with the Goucher community in a more intimate way.

Imagine a network owned and maintained by Goucher rather than a shady third-party company.

Now you don't need to imagine, because the solution is here: Gopherdon.

What is Gopherdon?

Gopherdon app
The Gopherdon app, designed from Hyperspace

Gopherdon is a decentralized social network built off of Mastodon that's dedicated to the Goucher community. Gopherdon is currently student-led, student-run, and we hope to keep it that way. It currently has all of the primary features of a given network and continues to grow as Mastodon does:

Gopherdon also comes with its own official apps available on the web, desktop, and iOS/Android (soon). And, because Gopherdon is Mastodon-based, it works with any existing app for Mastodon and the fediverse, including Toot!, Mast, Hyperspace, Halcyon, and Pinafore.

Why choose Gopherdon?

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`Gophers and Elephants: A Mastodon-supported Goucher Community?

This article from The Quindecim, written by one of Gopherdon's developers, discusses the importance of decentralization and how Goucher can benefit from using Mastodon.

Meet the team

Marquis Kurt


Nodar Sotkilava


Linus Berggren


Alistair Watson


Eitan Avni-Heller


Hal Stewart


Ben Rock

Private Beta Tester

Rory Turner


Special thanks to these amazing people:

We appreciate your support in creating a better social network for Goucher!